Xero Setups and Conversions

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our bookkeeping team provide brisbane's best Xero Setup and Conversion service.


Our services in this field include:

  • Xero Setup and Initial Training
  • Payroll balance and setup
  • Initial Chart of Account Creation
  • Conversion from other softwares such as QuickBooks, MYOB, Cash Flow Manager, Saasu, Intuit, Sage, and any other software you can think of!
  • AFFORDABLE prices for small to medium business.

You can expect a fast turn around with a highly professional and efficient approach.

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Converting your Business to Cloud Computing

Converting to cloud computing is a big challenge. It involves tons of work, thorough file and data organisation, and possible work disruption. But the end results will certainly make for all the trouble.

The most progressive businesses are now into cloud computing. Startup and small organisations can do away with the traditional method of bookkeeping and accounting. But, at a certain point, you, as an entrepreneur and manager know that you need to get your business into the clouds. Consider it as growing pains, unpleasant yet necessary.

Here are basic tips to help you ease the transition;

Analyse your business needs

Start the process of upgrading your system by looking into your company’s needs. Determine the business processes where you need the most help. Which tasks do you want to be automated? What business reports do you need and how often do you need them? Make a list of business applications you want to focus on. What do you want to achieve with the upgrade? 

Shop for the best solutions

With the shopping list of business processes you have, find a software that could address most, if not all of the issues you have listed. Do not settle for the first or the most popular software you’ve heard or have been recommended to you. One software might have worked great for other businesses, but it doesn’t mean that it will work on your business setup too. Get a trial subscription, learn the programs, try out the applications, and see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

This can be a long and laborious process, but one that you cannot afford to skip. Your choice should be locally applicable, adaptable to your needs, and have features and links to other business platforms.  

Get ready for extra work

Once you’ve decided on a software, you can now plan for the transition. Take into consideration the amount of work needed for the process. You will have to organise your files, set up the systems, determine access and protocols, and start on the laborious task of encoding data and uploading files.

It is best if you transition during the lean periods of the business. You can focus on the conversion, pull-out and delegate temporary tasks to employees, or hire temps for cover the extra work.

Get professional help

You can make the conversion easy and painless by getting professional help. Top accounting and bookkeeping firms in Brisbane offer full conversion services. They will analyse your needs, find and recommend the best software for your business, and do the humongous task of converting your paper based and local data to the cloud.

The most significant advantage of hiring professionals to help with the conversion is the continuance of your business. Business operations will not be affected during the process and can go on as usual.

Convert the Easy Way

Converting to the paperless office system and cloud computing need not be difficult and extensive. With the help from the right people, it can go seamless and easy. We offer Xero set up and conversion services that are focused on helping small and medium business organisations transition to cloud.

Our services include but not limited to;

Xero Setup – Our team will setup or help you setup Xero into your computers and link to other tools and accounts. This initial step is important. We have to do it right to ensure that your Xero network file is working properly and correctly.

Initial Chart of Account Creation – Our bookkeeping team will go over your books to determine and analyse the accounts. Our first task will be to create the chart of accounts for your business. This is the groundwork for your accounting and bookkeeping.

Payroll Balance and Setup – Payroll is one of the top features of Xero. The tool simplifies the payroll system. It includes tracking employee hours, salary and tax calculation, and automatic recording of expense to journals and ledger. The setup will include encoding of employee payroll data and set up the preferred payment method.

Conversion for other software programs to Xero – Already using other software like QuickBooks, MYOB, Cash Flow Manager, Saasu, Intuit, or Sage, and would want to convert to Xero? We can also help you set up your Xero account and migrate data!     

Initial Training on Xero Management – Our service also includes teaching you how to use Xero. Xero is a multi-faceted accounting and bookkeeping software. It is user-friendly, but with the myriad features and tools included, a basic training to acquaint with the system will help you make the most out of the software.                  

The Xero Advantage

We are Xero Gold Partner. Our partnership with Xero enables us to deliver the best bookkeeping other related services to our clients. The professional partnership certifies our team of Xero expertise. We enjoy extensive training, skills upgrade, and access to the latest technology. To our clients, this means you get the best bookkeepers in your team, fully supported and backed by Xero.

Xero takes on the nerve-wracking, time-consuming, and complex business processes and turns them into something you can enjoy. Xero makes business beautiful. Here are some of Xero’s features that make it the top accounting software today.

Smart Reports

Xero offers flexible, customisable and smart reporting. Reports can be generated whenever and however you want it. This feature allows business owners and managers to view and access their business standing anywhere and anytime.

Bank Feeds

You can link Xero with your business bank accounts. This will generate automatic bank reconciliation, payroll, and facilitate other business transactions. Bank feeds are automatically imported and recorded to your Xero account.

Real Time Collaboration

You can access your account while your bookkeeper is working on it. Multiple users can simultaneously access and view the same file. This feature allows offsite work and collaboration, where you can conduct multi-site conferences and still be on the same page.

Inventory Control

The inventory tool of Xero allows easy tracking and monitoring of inventory. Sales and purchases are automatically recorded. Significant inventory details like purchase and sale prices, transactions, purchase invoice and order quantities are also included.

Business Files and Document Organisation

File organisation has never been more easy and structured. Xero lets bookkeeper attach files or documents to relevant records. This allows easy referencing allowing different users to easily check on receipts, quotes, or invoices. It also serves as a filing system without the need to setup a separate storage account.


Achieve seamless invoicing with Xero. Create invoices with the professionally formatted invoice templates available. Once it is sent and opened, a confirmation is sent back to you. The system automatically sends reminders to unpaid invoices. You can also create invoices from customer approved quotes.


Payroll is a repetitive and laborious business process you can delegate to Xero. The Xero payroll tool simplifies the system. It tracks employee hours, calculate salary and taxes, and automatically records the expense to journals and ledger.

Security and Data Protection

Xero keeps your data and sensitive business information with multi-layered security protocols. Servers are secured with 24/7 physical security – restricted access and round-the-clock security personnel. Regular security audits are conducted by third-party inspectors. Xero also adopted the two-step authentication process for all accounts. The added measure will secure your accounts and all your data in case of password theft, phishing or malware.