Free australian XERO FILE SETUP

WE setup xero files for free, get a professional start!

We're experts with Xero and will setup your file perfectly. our free setup includes:

  • Complete Xero file setup and creation
  • Bank feed setup 
  • Invoice setup with logo
  • Chart of accounts basic setup
  • On going Xero support

setup takes around 45 minutes - 1 hour over the phone. we'll do all the work for you.

xero file setup help
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Xero file setups can be a complicated process depending on your specific type of business. We provide a great, complimentary service which helps you get setup the right way. We have been using Xero for over 5 years in Australia, and are passionate with getting people on board with the software.

Xero is a fantastic solution to help you get a real-time view of your business and improve your business processes. We also specialise in Accounting and Bookkeeping services, and can act as a great foundation for your business growth if you chose to work with us. 

We look forward to helping you setup your Xero file, and helping you create beautiful business.

James Webb

Managing Director

Link Strategies Group