Specialist Bookkeeping Services for Brisbane Based Childcare Centres

Bookkeeping for childcare centres is complex as the business itself. As a healthcare facility, a childcare centre is one of the most regulated businesses. Operational requirements do not only apply to build standards, staffing requirements, physical environment and business procedures, it also includes more regulations focused on the wellness, welfare and safety of the children.

The last five years showed a radical growth in the childcare industry. This is due to the increasing trend of mothers returning to work just a few weeks after childbirth. To manage the booming business and to make sure that the children are getting the care they rightfully deserve, the government implemented rules and regulations that all childcare centres need to comply with.

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Why Hire LINK?

We are a team of bookkeepers who cares. We care about your business, and your childcares performance. We strive to make things easy for you. We take away the strenuous and time-consuming bookkeeping so you can focus on growing your business. We take away the headaches and stress of keeping up with the bills, managing accounts, recording and taxation so you can do what you love doing.

We have bookkeepers with extensive exposure and experience in childcare centre bookkeeping. We are not only capable of delivering exemplary bookkeeping services, but we can also provide you with a whole range of business services including payroll services, taxation and tax planning strategies, invoicing and collection and keep you updated on industry changes and trends.

Many bookkeepers in our team are young parents, with children in childcare centres. This is why childcare centres are our most valuable clients. To us, you are not simply a client, you are family.

Our Services include:

We offer a wide range of bookkeeping, accounting and other business solutions including but not limited to the list below;

Ø  Bookkeeping and payroll services specific to childcare centres

Ø  Preparation and interpretation of financial statements

Ø  Tax planning strategies and advice

Ø  Bank reconciliation

Ø  Guidance on workplace laws and employee relations

Ø  Parent applications, registers, invoicing and collections

Ø  Advice and guidance on the business structure

Ø  Business registrations for ABN, TFN, GST, etc.

Ø  Preparation of cash flow forecasts, profit projections and business plans

Ø  Accounting software selection, onboarding and training

Ø  Facilitating the annual audit or review

Ø  Budget preparation and variance reporting

Ø  Industry benchmarking and KPI management

Ø  Customised business mentoring programmes

Ø  Business and risk insurances

Ø  Financial planning services and wealth creation strategies

Ø  As members of Childcare Queensland, we are kept up to date with the changes in the industry.

Ø  Advice and guidance on the purchase and/or sale of your childcare centre

Ø  Business succession planning

Ø  Monitoring and control of business costs

Advantages of Hiring an External Bookkeeper for Childcare Centres

Hiring and engaging an external bookkeeper for your childcare centre is advantageous to you and to the business.

Ø  Cost Efficient – Our bookkeepers use streamlined and efficient processes, including the latest software tools. Thus, you get expert services for less the cost. Also, the external bookkeeper will have and use his or her own tools – bookkeeping software, computer and workspace. External bookkeepers are also in charge of their industry knowledge and skills upgrade, no need for you to provide and pay for it.

Ø  Independent Worker – A professional childcare centre bookkeeper knows the business well. They do not need extensive training or supervision. They are focused on their deliverables and will accomplish reports as needed. 

Ø  External Perspective – Engaging an internal bookkeeper will effectively get you another employee. Having an external bookkeeper working with you will also give you an outside perspective of your business. An employee will likely develop bias and allegiance to your business, while an external bookkeeper will keep a factual and professional view, giving you more accurate business assessment and reviews.

Ø  Updated on Industry Trends – Accounting and bookkeeping firms make it a requirement for all their associates to be up-to-date with all industry trends. External bookkeepers go through regular skills update and retraining to keep abreast with all new accounting and bookkeeping laws, rules and regulations.

Ø  Minimal Turnover – Bookkeeping and minding the books are not the most exciting tasks. Bookkeepers also like challenges and excitement in their jobs. Stuck in one small business can lead to boredom and resignation. On the other hand, external bookkeepers take on several clients, so they get something new and exciting all the time.

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