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20 Secrets of an Enduring Business

Thousands of companies are launched every day. Out of the thousands, only a few hundred will survive the first year, a few dozen will mark its fifth-year anniversary and a handful will manage to reach its tenth year in business. Some companies will start big and with great promise but will soon peter out of the radar. Many businesses start small, hit a spurt and then explode to oblivion.

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18 Strategies to Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

Keeping good employees happy, motivated and engaged in the company is important to any organisation. Happy and motivated employees are loyal, dedicated and proactive. If you expect the best performance from your team, you should also exercise good leadership and employee management.

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10 Guidelines for Productive and Effective Business Meetings

Business meetings have a way of going forever. It is easy for business partners and associates to turn business meetings into a social one. As the initiator of the meeting, it is your responsibility to make sure it is productive and time efficient. Business people are generally busy, and keeping your meetings short and sweet is a managerial feat that will be appreciated by your business partners and associates.

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18 Effective Delegation Guidelines for Entrepreneurs

Delegation is a time management concept that lets you transfer boring, time-consuming, or complicated tasks to other people. This method aims to free you time to do other things you’d rather do and shift priorities without foregoing your company’s procedures. Effective delegation is also getting capable help from trained and experienced professionals, people who are most likely better fit for the job than you are.

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12 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Computing for your Business

Cloud computing is the use of remote internet hosted servers, rather than local server and personal computers, to store and manage data for the purpose of faster processing, security, and ease of access. Majority of business processes like billing, banking, accounting, and bookkeeping are not done in the cloud.

Here are twelve good reasons to embrace cloud computing and let your business take advantage of its benefits;

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