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20 Leadership Strategies that Work

People with authority and sitting in high positions are found everywhere, from shops, offices and in big companies. But, so few of them can be called leaders. Here are practices that make one a good leader.

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Reality Check: 15 Harsh Truths of Running a Business

We all know that starting a business is no walk in the park. But, how hard can it be to start a business, do things you’ve always loved doing, and earn money at that? The business leaders, CEOs, and successful entrepreneurs we see are all happy, confident, rich, and spend their days giving interviews, talking, and smiling. And they have a team of people to do the work for them. Is this the reality? It is, but there’s another side to it.

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15 Important Leadership Qualities for Success

There are certain qualities common to the most successful business leaders. While some are born leaders, others have to learn the job. What qualities make leaders great and what causes them to fail? Here are the top leadership qualities consistent to many successful and effective leaders. While some of the characteristics are naturally innate to you, others can be easily learned.

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