Effective Interviewing; How to determine the right candidate for the job

As we head into 2020, the realm of new possibilities for you and your business is endless and full of untapped potential. However, with the weight of these new possibilities, it may become increasingly likely that you’ll need to bring on some new talent in order to capitalize on these opportunities. But how do you find the right fit for the job? How, after a candidate passes the initial paper pile, and potentially a phone interview, are you meant to both assess their capabilities and create a strong allure for the job within a short in person interview? It is possible if you’re able to make the most of the situation using the following tips;

Understand your Candidate

Given the increasing ability for candidates to research your company, and potentially your recruiting process, they are able to take the mystery out of the process and come in with both more knowledge and expectations than ever before. However, the benefits of research cuts both ways, as an effective recruiter will be able to understand their candidate by researching beyond what is presented on the resume. By looking further, perhaps at their professional and social media presences, you will be able to get an idea of who is really walking in the door and will be able to tailor your questions to get the most revealing answers from them, or keep them on their toes and assess how they respond to unknowns.

Prepare your questions

The next bit of advice naturally follows on from this, in that it is important to have sufficiently prepared your questions well before your candidate arrives. Start by creating a list of the qualities and abilities that are sought after for the position and draft questions that speak to those qualities. For further inspiration, look within at your existing employees. Look at what they do well and where they can improve to create relevant questions and scenarios for your potential new employee.

Create a conducive environment

Although the previous two tips focus on getting the proverbial upper hand on your candidate, it is also important to take it easy on them and provide a helping hand where you can. After all, you’re looking to welcome them into your company. This can be done by reducing stress factors around the interview, allowing your interviewee to feel comfortable and engage in a professional conversation that truly reflects what they have to offer, rather than a series of panicked responses. This can be done by sending a preemptive email regarding what topics will be discussed, what dress code is to be expected and arranging an interview time and place that is comfortable for all.

Seek counsel, but not a council

The recruitment process will end in a very important decision regarding the future of your business, so it is important to seek out the advice of a few others within the company to get a balanced opinion on a candidate, but not so many that a consensus is impossible to reach. In practice, this can be achieved by including two or three others within the interview, such as an HR representative, a senior colleague from the company, as well as someone who will work on the same hierarchical level as the candidate. By seeking advice from these three individuals, you will not only get an idea of how they’ll fit into the culture, but also their future potential, and how they’ll practically perform the tasks at hand.

Lead them to the Job

After reading these tips, it’s natural to assume that you would effectively implement them, and you’re at the end of your interview with a dream candidate. From here, it’s important to remember that the interview process is a two-way street. After you have assessed their capabilities and determined they’re a good fit, spend the remainder of the interview discussing the role and the company itself. Allow your candidate to imagine themselves in the role. This could be taken even further by taking them for a tour of the office and allowing them to observe the team in their natural working environment. By balancing the push and pull during an interview, the process is much more likely to end in mutual satisfaction, creating the foundation for a fantastic new hire who is excited to start.

Interviewing candidates is a daunting prospect for both interviewer and interviewee, but hopefully, with these tips, you can streamline the process and make it as seamless as possible for everyone involved. If you’re unsure about the recruitment process, or whether now is the time for expansion, get in contact with the business coaching team at Link Strategies.