5 Lessons you will learn in leadership

Leadership is important to the success of any business. Leaders unite the team through common goals and a common vision. They also nurture each individual in the team to help them perform to the best of their abilities, helping the team as a whole.

As a small business owner, you are the leader of your team. It is important then to reflect on your role to ensure that you are uniting and nurturing your team to ensure your business reaches your goals. To help we have 5 leadership tips that will boost your confidence and improve your leadership skills.

1. Not everyone will like you

This is a fact of life. We can’t please everyone. Some people will dislike our personalities, or our decisions, but we should not worry about that in social circles, nor should we worry about that in leadership.

Leaders have to make the tough decisions every day. Some of those around you will dislike your choices, others will love them. What is important as a leader is to have your eyes set towards your business goals and stay true to your values. This type of decision making will help your business more than people pleasing.

As a leader you should aim to be respected over being liked. Sticking to your goals and values will keep those who respect you around.

2. Work with your strengths

We can’t all be Jack of All Trades (Although, as the saying goes, they are masters of none). Fortunately, we don’t have to be good at everything. Instead we can rely on experts, mentors, and our team to pick up where our strengths end.

Instead of worrying about your weaknesses stick to your strengths. Use them to empower your business. Hire the right people, or work with great mentors to help make up for your weaknesses. Together you can build your business to a greater extent than on your own.

You should always continue learning as well. Pick up books, talk to mentors and keep expanding on your skills. They may come in handy.

3. Learn how to say no

There are going to be opportunities or decisions you need to make that saying yes to could push you away from your goals. The road to success is paved with moments you will need to say no. You will need to learn how to say no to the things that will side-track or push you away from your goals. Many of these opportunities may come back later anyway, at a time when you are ready to say yes. It is always ok to say no.

4. Plan your time

The drive to build your business and work hard to achieve your goals can be all consuming. When you are passionate about something and have goals to reach the hours can seemingly slip by. That’s great for growing your business, but what about your family and friends?

It is important to have time for those who are important to you. Make a plan for family time, time with friends, and a visit to your parents. That way, when you do reach your goals, you will have a group of special people to celebrate with. All that hard work will be for something.

As a leader it is important to set an example. Time with family and friends is important to every member of the team. Lead by example and ensure that your team gets time with their loved ones too.

5. Remind yourself why you do what you do

Give yourself every day a reminder as to why you do what you do. Encourage your colleagues to do the same, remind your team that what they do makes a difference. Knowing why you do something is more energising than knowing what you do, keeping you on top of your game and on the path towards your goals for longer.

A good trick is when someone asks about what you do, answer the question with why you do it, not what you do. The why is where your passions lay.


Being a leader can be difficult at times, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences. You get the chance to unify, grow and nurture a team around a common goal, and then achieve that.

It is important to remember that you need to be prepared to make the hard decisions to keep on track, but it is equally important to remember the human side. Around you are a group of people ready to help you, work with you, or support you in achieving goals. They will be as equally impassioned by the “why” as you will.

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