4 Tips To Reducing Stress When Business Travelling

Opinions on business travel seems to be split. Some people hate it, others love it. No matter the camp you are in there is no denying that some elements can be stressful from time to time. Especially if you need to travel regularly.

Everyone has experienced the sinking feeling after leaving an important item back at home, or the stress from unfinished work, or the exhaustion from lack of downtime. It happens to everyone and can make a trip unpleasant.

While these tips won’t guarantee stress-free business travel, here are 4 tips to help you have a much better experience when travelling for business.

Pre-pack the important items

Packing sucks. That is why we usually leave it to the last minute. If you travel for business regularly then you know the slog of packing, unpacking, then having to pack again. The trouble is, amongst all this packing, unpacking, and procrastinating is that we tend to forget things. When we get to our destination and find that we have left half our toiletries at home, panic mode sets in.

The best way to avoid this is to have a pre-packed suitcase ready to go. This can include spare versions of all the toiletries, personal care products, haircare items, and medications that you need. Keep these items in your suitcase ready to take on your next business trip.

Plan for your absence at work

Nothing ruins a business trip like worrying about how work is going back home. You have a lot to focus on already with meetings to attend, clients to meet and more. Focusing on the work that you will need to catch up on, or how well the business is functioning adds a lot of unnecessary stress.

Set a trusted employee in charge of your tasks while you are away. Ensure that they are trained to take over these tasks and do them well. You could also create a procedure or training manual to help them out. Also, you should schedule meetings around the days you will be gone and set a designated person in charge of urgent inquiries.

If you regularly perform bookkeeping duties, consider outsourcing it to a professional bookkeeping firm and permanently take that pressure off your plate.

Create a routine

If you are travelling into different time zones your body clock will be set completely out. This causes jet lag, making the first few days of your tip tiring and stressful. A great way to begin dealing with jet lag is by setting your watch time to the destination time zone when you get on the plane. Following the new time zone will give your body a moment to acclimate to the new time, reducing the effects of jet lag.

You should also aim to get some exercise after you land. Take a moment to walk around your destination. Walk around the main street, walk to the shops, explore the hotel. Whatever it takes to get your legs moving and your blood pumping.

Get in some downtime

Your trip can’t be all work and no play. Even while away on a business trip, work life balance is important. Check what is happening in the city you are visiting and go join in with some events. Go out for drinks with co-workers after work. Or you can just wander around the city, exploring the parks, and other relaxing public spaces on offer.

Getting some time to relax is vital to making a business trip less stressful. While it may be tempting to drink until 3 am every night, it is nice to get some downtime on one or two nights of the trip. This way you can remain energetic and ready to do some great work.


Travel is often a necessary part of business. As we live in an increasingly connected world, we are doing more business across the country and even overseas. While everyone thought business travel would be made redundant thanks to video conferencing applications like Skype, this has not quite happened. Instead, we are searching more and more for personal experiences, making travel important.

If you need help managing elements of your business to enable you to travel for business stress-free, talk to Link Strategies today.