15 Tips and Activities to Bond your Team

A bonded team is more in sync, more productive and happier working together. People who are friends are more motivated in achieving their common goals. Forward-thinking companies value relationships and camaraderie within the company. Management actively promotes and encourages goodwill and friendships among its employees. Here are some tips to effectively foster closer relationships within the company;

1.       Keep lines of communications open

Throw away the Don’t Disturb signs. Closed doors and executive offices create a barrier between you and your team. If you must have an office, keep the doors open. Accessible managers are more effective leaders. Installing an internal messaging app will allow all team members to seamlessly connect with each other.

2.       Promote work-life balance

Encourage your team to pursue a meaningful life outside of work. This entails tasks management and respecting their days off. Many companies provide convertible sick leaves, which they can turn into cash when not taken and non-convertible vacation leaves. This setup encourages employees to take care of themselves and to time off work.

3.       Get to know each other personally

Personal dynamics and relationships have a major effect on the way people work. If they are around familiar people and friends, people are more likely to relax and focus on work. Take the initiative of knowing your employees personally, and creating a personal and friendly relationships with them. People are more loyal to their friends than to their boss.

4.       Practice positive criticism

There are bound to be mistakes and relapse in performances. As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to maintain productivity and quality performance of your team. Call outs and criticisms can easily upset any good relationship you have with an employee. Rectify the situation by going positive. Instead of the mistakes, focus on the opportunities, let them talk and explain their side and always acknowledge their contributions to the company.

5.       Ban any form of discrimination

Do not allow any kind of discrimination in your company. Sly jokes about one’s age, looks or sexual orientation can demean a person. Bullying should be considered a grave misconduct with severe company sanctions. Employees should only be graded and evaluated by their performance and input to the company.

6.       Shared meals

Eating together brings goodwill to the team. Whether you are treating your team to a lunch, going to after-work drinks or attending someone’s wedding, a team that eats together bonds closer. Sharing meals allows for fun and informal conversation and heightens camaraderie and relationships.

7.       Celebrate milestones as a team

Celebrate together! Company achievements, personal triumphs, birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries should all be celebrated with the team. Everybody loves celebrations and achievements. Sharing goals, achievements and your happiness is an effective way of creating lasting relationships.

8.       Company sponsored events

Start a company tradition of events. Founding anniversaries, holiday parties and company town hall events are just some of examples of company events where everybody can join and socialise as individuals. These events ease away any work-related tensions, take away the formality of positions and let put everyone on the same footing.

Fun Team Building Activities

Team building activities are effective means of fostering closer personal relationships within the company or team. These out-of-work activities take away the formalities, any hierarchies and work-related issues in the office. It creates memories and experiences, encourages friendship and promotes goodwill.

9.       Volunteering as a team

Doing good is always relevant and brings positive energy to the team. Helping others in any way reduces stress, releases the happy hormones and fosters camaraderie amongst the team. Choose a goodwill project you and your team can join in.

10.   Company outings

Company outings are fun and exciting, so much like going out with friends. Memories are created and lasting friendships are established. It can be an after-work movie outing, a day at the beach, a company hike or a relaxing weekend barbeque at the park.

11.   Sporting events

Sponsor sports events that will bring out enthusiasm and friendly competition within the company. Holding sporting events is also a great way to encourage your team to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

12.   Bring-Your-Kid Day

Have a fun party without leaving the office by letting your employees bring their child or a pet to work. Provide food or some treats for the guests. You can also prepare a short and fun program or entertainment. Bringing children or pets to work might not be the most productive initiative in terms of work. Schedule the bring-your-kid day during the leanest days.

13.   Theme Days

You can also have a party without disrupting work. Theme days effectively break the mundane office routine. Celebrate Pizza day, Halloween, Safari day, Mother’s Day or any special day you can think of. You can decorate the office, bring in some food or dress accordingly. It’s simple, fun and engaging way to bond with the team.

14.   Office Contests

Encourage friendly competition within the office with contests. It can be work and productivity contests like highest sales or production output. It can also be fun like singing tilts or cubicle decorating contests. Make sure that it will engage most, if not all your team members.

15.   Skills workshops

Learn something new or enhance skills with your team. Joining a cooking class, a personal development training or learning a new language together puts you on the same level – learners. Having the same goals, struggles, achievements and experiences efficiently create a lasting bond.