Tax Return Services For Rental Property Owners



At Link we love property and tax. We’ll show you how to make the MOST out of this years tax return and maximise your refunds. We specialise in the following:

1. Claim every possible tax deduction for your property

2. Making sure you maximise your depreciation claim (don’t miss out on larger tax deductions)

3. Ensure you’re not paying TOO MUCH interest on your loan, or property management fees

Proud to be award winning Xero partners

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We do so much more than just a great tax return. Get useful financial advice regarding your property, as well as a supportive and highly experienced Chartered Accountant to complete your return. We don’t miss a thing!


  • Tax returns start to finish.
  • Assist with your depreciation claim on your return.
  • Full property advisory services to help you get the most out of your investment property.
  • Competitive property management services which save you money, and give high quality service.
  • Full financial assessment for free, showing you how you could save money on your expenses and make your investments work for you.
  • Access to the highest quality and best trained rental property specialist Chartered Accounting team in Brisbane
  • Lodgement of your tax return on the day you sit down to complete it.
  • Great coffee and company with a team with personality and a positive go getter attitude.

Our clients’ personal success is our number one goal. We’ll help you navigate through the journey.

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