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Free your business

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As Brisbane's professional Xero bookkeepers we give you the freedom to shift your focus from bookkeeping to growing your business. With our highly experienced bookkeeping, administration support services, and incredible accounting software like Xerowe help you find that freedom. You are an important asset to your business, with the extra time we enable, you can push your business further.

We're with you at every step.

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1. Set-up

We provide expert setup services for your business, ensuring your Xero file is working correctly from the start. Our team also helps you to move your historical data from any previous systems. 

2. Training

Our expert Xero Setup and Training Services offer training with Xero, One on One or in a group setting. Whether you need your whole team trained or just a single employee, we can get your entire business ready and running with Xero.   

3. Growth

With each meeting our experienced advisory team provides business growth and development advice. We focus on helping you grow your business through ongoing growth and development strategies.     

4. Support

Throughout the entire process we provide ongoing App and Xero Marketplace assistanceYou can feel confident in Xero knowing that a team of expert bookkeepers are able to provide you with excellent support, answering any questions and solving any problems. 


Based in the heart of Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, we help business owners drive their business forward through personalised bookkeeping and cloud-based software.

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By specialising in modern day business and bookkeeping practices, we bring relevant advice and expertise to each of our clients.

Capitalising on the latest technology, we streamline processes, saving unnecessary costs, allowing us to bring clients large scale solutions for an affordable and competitive price.

Our team of bookkeepers have the experience and knowledge to help your business grow. We work with you, building your business, helping it thrive. Each of our bookkeepers are professional and friendly, making every visit to your bookkeeping team an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You will enjoy seeking out their advice and developing a strong professional relationship built around developing your business.


This approach is why we are award winning bookkeepers, loved by our clients.

Find the freedom you have been craving by building a relationship with a bookkeeper who wants to see your business thrive.


How we help Brisbane businesses.

We aim to help businesses flourish with our range of services designed to assist your business into the future. Whether you require bookkeeping services, Xero setup and training, payroll or more, we provide a tailor-made approach to set your business on the right track. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, like Xero, we help to streamline your processes and save unnecessary costs, freeing up your business for future growth.

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Join us for a free consultation.

With a free consultation, we can get to know your business and provide a customised strategy to support your plans and future growth. Through the consultation, you can get to know our team, seeing firsthand how we can help your business. You will get to meet our experienced team, seeing in-person what makes Link Strategies different.

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Your bookkeeping team.

Each of our bookkeepers are highly qualified experts, ready to make your business shine. Our team is dedicated to working with you to find strategies and solutions in order to grow your business. As Xero expertsour bookkeepers provide modern, professional advice and technological solutions specially tailored to your business. Achieving the best results for you is all about a great relationship with your bookkeepers. That is why our team members take a friendly and professional approach, so you will love working with us. You don’t need to fear a visit to your bookkeeping and accounting team because we make it a great and enjoyable experience. 

Our guarantee.



We are open and upfront. No nasty surprises and no hidden fees.

The best in bookkeeping technology

We only use the best in cloud-based bookkeeping technology. No ifs or buts.  

Clear reports

Our reports are built for you. We want you to be able to understand clearly what is happening at any one time.  

A happy ATO

A key part of business success is keeping the ATO off your back, so we make sure that you remain compliant with your obligations.

Cloud-based software

Access accounts and invoices from anywhere at any time with the cloud. Plus you can have the ultimate paper free office with Xero.

Backed by Chartered Accountants

You can be sure of our work knowing that we have an in-house team of chartered accountants working with our bookkeepers.

Personal customer service

We are a team of friendly professionals who work with you to help you take control of your business.

Award winning Xero training in Brisbane.

More than just a bookkeeping firm, we’re helping small business take control of their Xero file and their financial information. We offer affordable and professional Xero training classes which will help you manage your business. Our strategy is to give you the tools you need which are specifically tailored for your business. We don’t waffle about every feature in Xero, only the ones that you’re going to need to run your business. Our bookkeepers are highly experienced trainers and will give you an enjoyable and relaxed experience.  

Whether you need 1 on 1 Xero training, or group training, we offer an easy to follow course that will help you get up and running on Xero. Did we mention we make great coffee, freshly ground!? 

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Xero Gold Partners in Brisbane.

We are proud to say we are leading the way with xero in Australia 

We have a passion for growing business with efficient and resourceful systems, like Xero and many other cloud applications. With each of our clients, we focus on using cloud technologies to streamline your business and its processesThis will save your business significant time and money which can be reinvested into helping your business into the future 

If you’re a Brisbane based business, contact us to see how we can improve your business processes and solve your bookkeeping issues.